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Partner ZD Haňovice

The cooperative is located in the outskirts of Hana, west of Litovle . Its northern part extends into Litovelske Pomoravi. The company has a long tradition , is the direct successor to the original economic collective farm Doubrava,  registered in the Commercial Register on 21 March 1962 team was created by merging the original 16 units. In  territory of Litovle and fifteen other villages with an area of 2,110 hectares of agricultural land, of which 1,959 ha is arable land .  

Characteristics of the company:

  • Plant production
  • Raising of dairy cattle
  • Pig farming
  • Mechanization
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    Where to find us ?

    Where we Agricultural Cooperative Haňovice:

    Plasty Mladeč
    Haňovice 18
    783 21 Chudobín

    IČ: 00147 346
    infoline: +420 585 100 308


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