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Pocket filters

1) PF-3-C (25x20mm)

1) PF-13-C (20x22,5mm)

1) PF-23-C (25x22,5mm)

2) E-PF-3-C (corner connection for 25x20mm frame)

2) E-PF-13-C (corner connection for 20x22,5mm frame)

2) E-PF-23-C (corner connection for 25x22,5mm frame)

3) PF-2A-C - for thicker fabric (M6 (325g/m2))

3) PF-1A-C - for thinner fabric (G3-G4, M5, M6-F9)

3) PF-1A-S-C

4) PF-4X - coming soon!

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